About IHEO

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 12.01.56 PMInitiative for Helping Elderly and Orphans (IHEO) is a group of people located in Wabukhasa, Uganda and Vancouver, Washington who want to make a difference in the lives of those affected most by poverty: the orphans and elderly. We seek to fight the poverty that has resulted from the mindset of dependency and ignorance by training and encouraging individuals to develop the practical skills and personal drive to enact change in their lives.

JOIN US! Become friends of IHEO Uganda at Facebook.com, and spread the word about the work that is being done in Wabukhasa! Help us reach out to the poor and needy in Uganda by becoming part of our support network — if you would like to donate financially, email us at IHEOVancouver@gmail.com. Most of all, we welcome you to pray for the work that God is doing as we seek to follow His Will in this exciting adventure.

COMMUNITY IHEO serves the community of Wabukhasa and those in the greater Mbale area in Eastern Uganda along the Kenyan border. In the words of our Director, Fred Wangwa:

In our community of twenty two thousand people, the link between large/polygamous families with poverty and a high level of household population (six to twelve members) increase the difficulty of providing adequate coverage and quality of public services such as education, health and housing especially for orphaned children and needy elderly. The ratio of children per couple makes it clear why the number of orphans increases rapidly. When just one couple dies, at least six to ten orphans are left behind. HIV and many other tropical diseases either cripple or lead to the death of parents, leaving open wounds on the lives of their young children. I believe no one can help all needy children, but at least you can help just one, to restore hope and a future in these lovely children of God. I believe that every person has the potential to accomplish great things in life if given a chance. I have worked in my community for many years as a sensitizer social worker and as a pastor fighting ignorance every day. These projects, and the creation of IHEO, are the extension of my current work with the establishment of this vision in our community.

VALUES The members of IHEO value the ability of the poor to contribute to their own financial gains. We believe in “a hand up, not a hand out.” Although donations from individuals in the States have been given to provide starting capital to IHEO, the main purpose of IHEO is to encourage individuals and communities to support and sustain themselves through practical training and lasting relationships.

OBJECTIVES IHEO goals start with the creation of the Model Poultry Farm as well as the IHEO Poultry Education and Lending Program. Ugandan locals in the Wabukhasa Community that successfully proceed through the education program will be eligible to become members of the Wabukhasa Poultry Cooperative. As members contribute to the Cooperative, they help the Wabukhasa community generate income and make themselves a source of financially self-sustainability.


1-2 years


A chicken farm that will start with 100 chickens, grow to 400 chickens within one year, and 1000 chickens within three years. Profits will be used to fund additional community assistance projects.
POULTRY EDUCATION and LENDING PROGRAM An education program designed to assist individuals to start their own poultry farms and teach them to become self-sustainable.


2-3 years

A community Cooperative that will allow those who have successfully been trained in the Education and Lending Program to join the cooperative and receive benefits as members. A for-profit business that will purchase surplus harvest from the community members and sell it back at a low profit margin. Profits will be used to fund additional projects.
IHEO OFFICE BLOCK A dedicated office and storage facility for the MODEL FARM.
COMMUNITY SENSITIZATION PROGRAM An awareness program designed to teach other communities to reproduce the sustainability projects in their areas.


4-5 years

CHILDREN’S SAFE HOME An orphanage that will house and support Wabukhasa orphans.
ELDERLY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM A program designed to financially and socially help needy elders.
PRODUCE TRADE MARKET A central location developed within the Wabukhasa community for free trade and selling of community member’s wares.


5-10 years

MODEL FARM: GOAT and CATTLE SUSTAINABILITY An extension of the chicken farm that will add goats and possibly cattle for sustainable farming. Profits will be used to fund additional projects.
PRIMARY SCHOOL An extension of the orphanage that will provide education to those who are unable to pay for school.
MEDICAL CLINIC An extension of the orphanage and elderly assistance programs. A clinic will be built and staffed through partnership with a local NGO doctor.
EXPORTATION The establishment of a broad business market with the transportation and exportation of agricultural products to other areas of Uganda and local countries including Kenya.


  1. HABERT MABONGA · · Reply

    am so happy for everyone willing to work with us

  2. thanks so much my sister Amanda for updating the web page. you are so awesome!

  3. Habert Mabonga · · Reply

    we are so happy and excited tell you that everything is going on well here in the project and we are praying for who is standing with us in this couse

  4. Terri Widergren · · Reply

    I love your vision & thank God for your faith & commitment to your fellow Ugandans. This sounds like a fantastic endeavor, my prayers are with you! My good friend Kelly Pick in Vancouver sent me the link tpo your website. I look forward to following your progress! May God protect you & your team. Blessings, Terri

  5. Fred Wangwa · · Reply


    well, i request every one to remember the IHEO vancouver team members who are traveling this week to Uganda in your prayers. please pray for safe journey and fruitfulness in this trip. thank you

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